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Why Supplements?

Every day in America hundreds of millions of pounds of toxic chemicals and heavy metals are dumped into our environment, polluting our air, land and water. Our bodies are loaded with these toxins which require high concentrations of vitamins and minerals for detoxification.

Now consider the fact that our food is loaded with chemical preservatives and our fruits and vegetables have ½ the nutrients they used to contain and it is not hard to understand why heart disease and cancer are becoming so common in our country. In fact, America spends billions more than any other developed country on healthcare, yet we score close to last place on health and longevity than all other developed countries.

Nutritional supplementation is so important these days to maintain better health and longevity. The problem is that there are so many low quality vitamin supplements on the market and no agency to regulate their sales.

Here at Spring Valley Chiropractic we provide only high quality products and recommend most of your supplementations come from all natural plant and herb sources such as in Standard Process and Dr. Schulzes as well as several others. We also carry a complete line of physician only supplements such as Metagenics and Physiologics as well as bioidentical hormones from Bezwecken. Whatever your need is nutritionally, we likely have it in stock or can get in a short period of time.

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